Where the Wild Things Are

So for those of you keeping track, we have landed safe and sound back in the Buckeye state. Hooray! The fear and dread of possibly ending my life in a fiery crash is over! Seriously, every Sunday that I watch the “Amazing Race” I’m all “I can do that!”, and then think, How could I ever handle all the flight travel? I’d never make it.

When packing for the flight, Andrew surveyed his array of stuffed animals and it was a toss up over Elmo and Curious George. I lobbied heavily for Elmo, claiming that he was a much better traveler. (In other words, Elmo could fit in my handbag and George could not.) Andrew did amazingly well on the plane, making sure Elmo was safe and sound, although he embarrassed us by complaining about the chincy amount of pretzels they handed out. Can’t take him anywhere.

Now, back to business on what’s going on in this great capital of Ohio. While going through all my feeds, I came across an interesting workshop happening this weekend at Wild Goose Creative.

According to their website, Wild Goose Creative is a community driven arts company. They exist to support, encourage and promote all forms of art and artists in Columbus, Ohio. I’m totally paraphrasing, so please visit their site for the complete run-down of all their good will for the arts.

Their workshop piqued my interest because, considering I have both a toddler and a 1st grader, it sounded like fun. And it’s cheap! Admission to the workshop is a $5 suggested donation. Art + fun + cheap = good deal to me.

Wild Goose Creative is located at 2491 Summit Street and the workshop takes place this Sunday on March 15th at 3pm.

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