Weekend Watch: May 2-3

Sometimes your kids do things that will bring you right back to your own youth. It could be as inconspicuous as a smirk or a particular look in the eye that validates the DNA. Or an action like in sports or interacting with their friends. Last night, I couldn't help but giggle at how my son has taken such a protective nature to his stuffed animals and plushies. My older son has a collection of what my husband refers to as dust collectors, but never was the type to carry them around or play with them. My younger son, through, is quite attached to his collection of buddies, and likes to arrange them, sleep with them, carry them up and down the stairs, put them in situations around the house and just plain hug them. Last night, he was all snuggled up in my bed relaxing while he watched some TV, and when I checked on him, he had gathered up all his "closest friends" to enjoy the show with him.

Andrew, about 7:30 p.m. last night

Me, 1978.

Unfortunately, this weekend calls for rain. I have so much on the activity list, and lots of it involves being outside for both kid and adult activities. However, in the spirit of the plushies, here's some how-tos I found to make your own. Fun can still be had indoors on rainy weeekends!




Let me know if you do one of them and we'll post your pictures!!

For those of you not scared to get wet, here are some of the items I've jotted down to check out this weekend:

Columbus Parent Expo, Saturday & Sunday
This takes place at the Columbus Zoo. Not a cheap ticket if you don't have a Zoo pass, but I've been to this Expo before and it's pretty entertaining and informative.

Gallery Hop, Saturday
I know we all know about this one, but everyone could use a little reminder that it's the first Saturday of the month.

Powell Street Market, Sunday
Over 120+ vendors will be there for a shopping extravaganza encouraging everyone to shop local.

Inniswood Gardens, Sunday, 2pm
Garden Adventurers: Who Lives Here?
Discover the different habitats at Inniswood.

And finally, some indoor options:

First Saturdays at the Art Museum, 10am
This is a great program that I've attended before and great for a range of ages from 3-8 years. Program is free with admission.

Mysteries of Ancient Eqypt
, 3pm
Discover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt through books, crafts, hands-on activities and more at the Northwest Library.

Have a great weekend!

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