Indoor Fun at the Library

So here it is: winter. That dreaded time (at least for me) when you can’t just open the back door to a yard full of discoveries and hours of self entertainment, while mommy puts her feet up with a sangria. OK, I’m not that disassociated from my kids, but winter does seem like a time when it becomes more work making life fun. In the warmer months, on the weekends when I’m not working, I’m usually found driving around town looking for the next event to take my kids to so we can have some fun together. When the backyard gets old, it’s time to hit the bricks and find something new to do. I personally like to be on the go somewhere, and since I don’t have a lot of extra money, I’m always looking for something free or close to it. So since it’s just too darn time consuming wrapping the kids up in 18 layers of clothing to go play at the park, it’s time to take the adventure indoors for a few months.

Our first indoor adventure in the many to come this season was our exciting trip to the reading festival at the Worthington Library. Not only was my toddler delighted to meet so many of his favorite literature characters, but he made the front page of the newspaper:
There was a book signing by children’s book author, Tad Hills, as well as a crafts table, storytime in Bookingham Forest, tons of helpful literature from the events’ sponsors, a wildlife education table, and of course… books.

I remember as a kid being “shushed” many times by the librarians. When you walked into my old library you could hear a pin drop. We used to have to whisper into each other’s ears or make up our own sign language in order to communicate. Well, times have changed, and the library seems more like a destination place these days than a place to kill time. The kids were talking and laughing, much to the shigrin I’m sure of the unsuspecting adults who came there that Sunday to actually get some reading done. Although, no one seemed to mind and nobody shushed us.

So while this is old news, this event has inspired me to share with other people the array of things to do in and around the Columbus area if you do a little digging for the less-advertised events. This is the first post for the new blog: Kids Events: Columbus, which will share information, news, reviews and recommendations about kids events all around the Columbus area that are both popular and off the beaten track. During the five years I’ve lived here, I’ve managed to find a few fun things on a non-existent budget. Information everyone could use during these economic times!

Today’s pick: Since we’re on the library theme, I’m going with Family Storytime at the Northwest Library (Worthington Libraries) on Hard Road. It’s from 7:00 – 7:30pm. All the Worthington Libraries underwent major renovations and they have fantastic children’s areas. Check out the Worthington website and click on the library link for more information and a calendar of events.

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