A Snowy Weekend Wrap Up

As I stared out the window at the falling snow on Saturday I thought to myself, “Is it worth it?” With two kids bouncing off the walls behind me, my decision to brave the icy roads and take them outdoors paid off with an early bedtime that night.

While there are a gazillion things to do this time of year around time, we did decide to keep the outings close to home due to the weather. So we started off at the Northwest Library since that’s only about ½ mile away from my house. The Worthington Libraries were having a celebration day to celebrate their new website and the new look of their physical locations. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by Miss Spider and Peter Rabbit:

These book characters are a real hit with my youngest son:

After the excitement with the book characters wore off, and we had all the printed material and visual entertainment we needed to check out, we headed toward the door. But not before we completed a very momentous transaction:

Getting his very own library card!

Now on to part two of our day.

By this time the roads were getting pretty icy, and we all looked at each other wondering if we should dare to venture to our next event, considering the last car we had passed was vertical in a ditch. However, the Powell holiday festival was only about 2 miles away, so we stopped at home to bundle up in all sorts of protective snow gear, before heading over to see what the village had in store for the day.

While I will start by saying I think the weather had something to do with the thin crowds, I was a little disappointed about one thing. I could swear on my life I had read that they were going to have a Polar Express train display there. When I asked around to find out where it was, no one knew what I was talking about. While my oldest son was visibly disappointed, the sleigh ride around the block quickly made up for it:

There was also live reindeer there, crafts and Santa himself, to whom my littlest one walked right up, and sat on his lap:

He was also not shy about helping himself to the candy canes, and free stickers and buttons they were giving away at the craft tables. It was great that the village organized a special family holiday gathering like that. While Powell has seemed to come a long way in 5 years at establishing their recreation center and the land that surrounds it as a real destination place, they still lack a bit of a communal spirit when compared to other communities like Worthington or Dublin. And I would assume that has mostly to do with the youth of its neighborhoods. That being said, we did have some fun, the kids got out of the house and enjoyed the snow, and while the weather was challenging, it actually seemed fitting for a holiday celebration. If you have enough layers of clothing on, the temperature can be bearable… until you can’t feel your toes any longer.

Today's event recommendation: Beat the weekend crowds and visit the Fantasy of Lights at Alum Creek State Park Marina. $10 - $15 a car.

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